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Once a specialty product purchased by a select few hobby gardeners and farmers, organic fertilizers have now become a common sight in virtually every garden center.  With so much competition on the market, organic fertilizer dealer and manufacturers are looking at new ways to market their products and increase their sales.

Like all wise marketers, organic fertilizer distributors have known that the best way to sell their product by combining loads of information with interesting displays and well-planned advertising campaigns. Educational marketing and cross-merchandising  are two of the best sales strategies any organic fertilizer manufacturer can put into play.

Many organic fertilizer shops and garden centers depend on product displays to increase their sales bracket.  The strategy in play consists of catching the consumer’s attention by placing the whole product lines in one expansive display.  Other suppliers will scatter displays throughout the store to increase product presence and encourage people to purchase.  Another well-known sales strategy is the careful placement of organic fertilizer products amid the plant department.  For instance, you might see a potted rosebush with a small display of organic fertilizers next to it.  In doing so, the shopkeeper indicates that the fertilizer will in fact, encourage flowers to bloom.

Organic fertilizers are normally differentiated by their N-P-K formulations. A variance in these formulations helps to determine the specific area of use the product is most suited, whether it be flowers, fruits and vegetables, lawn care or turf grass.  For instance, organic fertilizers with N-P-K formulations of 6-2-2 carry a high Nitrogen content, and are best suited for lawn grass.  By advertising this information, organic fertilizer dealers are able to educate their customers and ultimately increase their bottom line.

The  packaging materials  and colours can also be used to create a good sales strategy.  More and more organic fertilizer manufacturers have repackaged their products, opting to use plastic instead of brown paper in an effort to improve their sales. Organic fertilizers wrapped in bright resealable plastic containers and plastic bags are certainly much more attractive, and catch the attention of more shoppers.  Sharp, eye-catching floral photography on organic fertilizer bags will also attract consumers, tempting them with the notion that their flowers will look every bit as beautiful if they use this particular product.

Another important part of the marketing strategy is advertising.  With a successful ad campaign in newspapers, magazines,  radio or television, the supplier can increase sales, and the manufacturer can increase productivity.  Also crucial in the advertising process is consumer education.  Telling potential buyers what the product is, and how it is used, will also aid to increase sales. Consumers generally prefer not to buy products that they have little or no knowledge about. Organic fertilizer marketers and producers are advised to offer informative packaging, giving shoppers the chance to learn more before they buy.

Many organic fertilizer manufacturers, in 2002, reported an increase in their sales. For instance, the Scott’s Company reported a twenty percent increase in retail sales of its organic fertilizers and lawn plant food products.  According to the vice-president of lawn marketing Gordon Hecker, the Scott’s Company was able to attain this boost in sales without making any changes to their organic fertilizers products. The increase happened due to marketing strategy and improved in-store material display.

Another organic fertilizer manufacturer that experienced double-digit increases in their sales is Green Light.  The company, based in San Antonio, Texas, has concentrated on marketing their specialty organic fertilizers and plant foods with plastic packaging and all-weather displays.

The trick to making a profit in organic fertilizer sales is , in fact, no trick at all.  Simply apply the basic rules or marketing, and watch your sales grow.

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